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  • Turkease gift box

    Miller Foods, Inc.

    Miller Foods Hand-Carved Turkease

    Turkease™ Gift Box Our Turkease™ is about 10 lbs. All-Natural, Semi-BONELESS Turkey, with the drumsticks and wings attached, cooking in 1/3 of the time and slicing like a dream. It includes a wishbone and recipe card. Great way to show...

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  • Roasted Turkey. Jack Bannon Donation. Give Gratitude

    Jack Bannon Donation

    Neighbors helping neighbors in the Farmington Valley. Give the gift of gratitude this Holiday Season.   Donate to Foodshare of Greater Hartford by purchasing a 10-12# frozen turkey from Miller Foods, Inc. With each purchase online, we will donate a...

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  • raw all-natural turkey

    Miller Foods, Inc.

    Miller Foods All-Natural Turkey

    Experience Tradition with Miller Foods All-Natural Turkey! 12 lb. Turkey will feed about 8 - 10 people.* 18 lb. Turkey will feed about 12 - 14 people.* 24 lb. Turkey will feed about 16 - 18 people.* *With some leftovers...depending on how hungry your...

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