Hand Carved Miller Turkease®

raditional looking turkey deboned, only the drumsticks remain, providing excellent yield.

(Wings may be left on if preferred)

se for catering, buffets, showers, stags, home parties or even a home-cooked Sunday dinner
eally healthy and nutritious! Turkey has less fat than beef, pork, or lamb. Only 129 calories per 3 oz. serving
ey to gourmet appetites - moist and flavorful - always delicious, carving on a buffet table is impressive
asier to cook, (cooks in about half the time), carving and clean-up are a snap, taking 80% less time
natural, no additives, preservatives, salt or other seasonings - but you can add your own stuffing
pecialty gifts for your friends, relatives, and/or
employees - Ideal unique holiday gift idea
njoy the taste and ease of use, of a Miller Foods All-Natural TURKEASE® today!!

Packaging: The semi-boneless turkey is individually vacuumed packed to maintain peak freshness. (14-26# avg)

Thawing: Thaw, in the package, in a cooler for at least two days.

Cooking: Set convection oven to 325° Cover Turkease® with foil.
Cook with thermometer inserted into center of breast until it reads150°
Remove foil and continue cooking to 165°
Figure 12-14 minutes per pound. If you are using stuffing, add it to the total poundage.

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